Hawaii's 1st State Certified

Kombucha Brewery

Ancient Clean Energy Drink


Hawaii Kombucha is a nano-brewery in Kealakekua on the Big Island.

We are dedicated to the freshest & highest quality kombucha ever brewed.

Our mission is to bring this clean, living, ancient energy beverage

to the forefront of humanity, all while exercising sustainable

agricultural, ecological, and business practices.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a 2,000 year old brewing technique from the Far East consisting of culture (fermented) black tea. The result is a non-alcoholic health tonic, a living beverage, rich in probiotics and long associated with wellness and vitality.


Our original kombucha culture was born on Big Island in 2011, with organic Hawaiian green tea and local raw Hawaiian sugar cane.


 It's great for liver and kidney function and kickstarts digestion and natural body detoxification. Oh...and it tastes great too!


We feature local Big Island roots and fruits

to create a delicious beverage served fresh on tap island wide.


We spare no expense in our unique brewing process and never sacrifice quality for a bigger profit margin. We use high grade stainless steel Italian fermenters, organic Fair Trade tea, organic sugar, and the finest Big Island tropical fruit.

We are blessed with an abundance of tropical roots and fruits.

Our strong network of dedicated natural Big Island farmers allow us to source our fruit directly.

By working closely with local farms, we buy and spend locally,

re-investing and strengthening our own community.

Seasonal Ingredients:

Jaboticaba, Lilikoi, Olena, Tangelo, Lemon, Orange, Lime...


Hawaii Kombucha
Where Freshness and Quality Come Together

Commitment to Sustainability







     By embedding social and environmental initiatives into our organization,

we guarantee the needs of the future are shaped by holding them sacred today. It's why we sponsor

monthly beach cleanup's with a free keg of kombucha for volunteers and why we use

plant-based compostable cups.


Everything is connected!


Since we live on an island, we fight single-use glass containers by encouraging

 our customers to bring re-useable glass containers. Whether it's a growler,

hydro-flask, mason jar, or a simple washed out spaghetti jar, we sell fresh kombucha

by the ounce and never bottle our product.


Why? Quality = Freshness!

When one keg is empty, another fresh keg immediately replaces it on tap.

With bottles, freshness is compromised by storage times and temperature!


Relax Island Style

 Enjoy A Growler Beachside

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Are you an organic farmer and want to source fruit

directly with Hawaii Kombucha?


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